How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

For most iPhone users, text messages contain much important information for them. In many cases, iPhone users need to print text messages from iPhone for court, business, date, etc. No matter why you need to print out text messages from iPhone, in this article, I will show you the easiest way to do that. After reading this article, you can print any text messages from iPhone with ease.

To print iPhone text messages, you need first to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer. iPhone Transfer software can do this for you easily. It can transfer text messages and other files from iPhone to PC easily. You need to download and install it on your computer.

Now let’s begin to print text Messages from iPhone together.

Step 1. Connect and Load iPhone

Run this transfer software on your computer and connect iPhone to computer via USB cable. The software can easily recognize your iPhone and load your phone to its interface.

connect iphone

Step 2. Select and Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

Find “SMS” section on the left side of the interface. Click to enter it and you will see all the text messages on your iPhone. Find the text messages you want to print and select all of them. Before transferring them to computer, you can preview the contents of your messages. You can check the messages conversation directly on the interface.

iPhone text messages

Once select all the text messages you want to print, Find “Export to” option and select “Export Selected Text Messages” in the drop-down list. Select “HTML” as the output format. All the text messages will be transferred from iPhone to computer as HTML format. HTML file enables you to include the images in your text messages you transferred to PC.

export iphonte text messages to pc

Step 3. Print Text Messages from iPhone

Connect your computer to printer. Open the text messages file you want to print on your computer. You can easily print iPhone text messages. You can print any part of the text messages or the whole conversation as you want. The printed iPhone text messages on paper will have all the information you have on iPhone, such as images, date, time, etc.

As you can see, it is really easy to print text messages from iPhone with the help of iPhone Transfer software. It can also transfer contacts, photos, voice memos, movies, playlist and other data from iPhone to computer easily.

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