How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with 1 Click

“Hi, I want to know how to backup iPhone contacts to PC. I have all my contacts on my iPhone and I want to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer for backup. So if I lost or accidentally deleted them from iPhone, I can still find the backup file on computer. Thank you very much!”
Asked by Laurence

Just like Laurence, every iPhone user should backup their iPhone contacts to computer for backup. As you can’t save iPhone contacts on your SIM card, computer becomes the first choice for this. In this article, I will show you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer easily. You can copy all the contacts from iPhone to PC or just select some of them to transfer with iPhone Transfer software.

iPhone Transfer is designed for iPhone users who want to transfer files from iPhone to computer. You can use it to transfer contacts and other data from iPhone to computer easily. The exported contacts can be import to Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook smoothly. You can also just save it on your computer.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC

Free Download, install and run this transfer software on your computer. Plug your iPhone to your computer via USB cable. The software will recognize your iPhone and load your iPhone to its interface. At the same time, it will also load all your iPhone data to it.

connect iPhone

Step 2. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

1. Transfer All the Contacts from iPhone to Computer with 1 Click

On the left side of the interface, just find the “Contacts” section. Enter it and you will see all the contacts you have on your iPhone. Go to the “Import/Export” option and select “Export All Contacts from iPhone”. Then you can easily select an output file format and all the contacts on your iPhone will be transferred to your computer.

2. Transfer Selected Contacts from iPhone to Computer

After entering the “Contacts” section of your iPhone, you are allowed to select any of the contacts in the list. Once you select all the contacts you want to copy to your PC, click “Import/Export” option and select “Export Selected Contacts”. You can select an output format in the drop-down list. All the selected contacts will be copied and saved to your computer as soon as possible.

You can find the transferred contacts on your computer easily and check them any time you want. You can also transfer them to your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail and other email account if you want.

This iPhone Transfer software can easily transfer contacts from iPhone to computer for you and you can also use it to transfer iPhone music, photos, videos, movies, TV shows, messages, voice memos and other files to computer.

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