How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

“I spent my summer holiday with my best friend together and we went to Hawaii. We took so many great photos together with our iPhone. Now we would like to share the photos with each other. Do you know how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone directly? Thank you very much!”
Asked by Jojo

If you just want to transfer few pictures and photos from iPhone to iPhone, you can use email and AirDrop to transfer them from one iPhone to another. But, if you too many photos, you need a professional tool to do that for you. iPhone Transfer is the software you can use to solve this for you.

iPhone Transfer can connect two iPhone at the same time and transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone directly. You can also transfer music, videos, contacts, messages, playlist, TV shows, movies, voice memos, ringtones and other files between these two iPhone easily. You can learn how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone here. It is the best software for you if you need to transfer data from one iPhone to another without iTunes.

Step 1. Connect iPhone

Run this transfer software after installing it on your computer. Connect the two iPhone you would like to share photos to your computer via USB cables. The software will recognize them and load them to its interface smoothly. You can see the names of the iPhone on the left side of the interface.

connect two iphones

Step 2. Select Photos on iPhone

On the left side of the interface, click the name of the iPhone you want to transfer photos from. Select “Photos” section under this iPhone. You will see all the albums and photos in this iPhone. You can easily select all the photos you want to transfer to the other iPhone. You can preview the photo if you are not sure if it is the one you want to copy.

iphone photos

Step 3. Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Once you select all the photos you want to transfer, click “Export to” option on the top menu and select the name of the other iPhone in the drop-down list. All the selected photos will be transferred to the other iPhone as soon as possible. The software will finish the job very soon and you can find the photos on the other iPhone easily.

transfer photos from iphone to iphone

This iPhone Transfer software can not only transfer photos from one iPhone to another, but also transfer music, videos, movies, TV shows, contacts, messages, playlist, ringtones and other files between two iPhones. If you want to transfer files between two iOS devices, it is your best choice.

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