How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android

For every mobile phone users, contact is the most important data on their phones. In this article, we will show you how to recover deleted contacts from Android phone. After reading my article, you will never worry about losing or accidentally delete contacts from your Android phone.

Android Data Recovery is the tool we will use in this article. It can scan your Android phone and SD card deeply and find the deleted contacts and other data on your Android phone. You can recover deleted contacts, text messages, Whatsapp messages, photos, videos, music, call logs and other document files from Android phone and SD card. It supports almost all the popular Android brands, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, MOTO, Google and so on. Learn how to recover deleted videos from Android and how to recover deleted text messages on Android here.

This software will retrieve deleted contacts from Android phone to your computer as .csv format. You can save it on your computer or manually type into your Android phone as you want. Although this Android Contacts Recovery can recover deleted contacts for you, backup Android contacts regularly is the most important thing.

Now let’s begin to recover deleted contacts from Android phone together.

Step 1. Connect Android Phone to Computer

Free download, install and run this recovery software on your computer. You will see a clean interface and a “connect device to PC” logo on it.

android data recovery

Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. The software will detect your phone and try to connect it.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging Mode

The software will lead you to the step of enabling USB debugging mode on Android. This is for the full scanning of your Android. You can follow the steps on the interface to finish it. If you have enabled USB debugging mode before, you can skip this step and read step 3. Different Android version has different steps to enable this. So just make sure the Android version of your phone and follow the right tutorial on the interface.

usb debugging mode

Step 3. Scan Android Phone to Find Deleted Contacts

In this step, first you can select the data types you would like to scan and recover on your Android phone. To save time, you can only select contacts on the interface. If you want to find all the deleted data along with contacts, select all the options here.

select data

Before scanning your Android phone, the software will request SuperUser Authorization. Allow it and this Android Contacts Recovery will begin to find the deleted contacts and other data on your Android phone and SD card.

Step 4. Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phone

After scanning, the software will list all the deleted data on the interface. There will be a data menu on the left side of the interface. Here you can find all the deleted data. Go to “Contacts” section from the data menu and you will find all the contacts on Android phone. The deleted contacts will be in red. So it’s really easy to find them. Select all the contacts you would like to recover and preview the details of them. Then you can click “Recover” button, the software will restore deleted contacts from Android easily.

recover contacts

That’s all for recovering deleted contacts from Android. With this Android Contacts Recovery, you can easily scan your phone and recover deleted contacts, photos, videos, messages, call logs, Whatsapp messages and other document files from your Android phone and SD card. Next time, if you want to recover deleted contacts or other data from Android phone, use this Android Data Recovery.

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