Anyone looking for afternoon fun

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Finding fun, cheap, or free things to do is our specialty, and we're here to help you take the guesswork out of your searching! But then, we began to get a little crafty and creative. We discovered new ways to find fun events and activities in our local area. We realized it was our Google searches that were tired, not our town. Keep on reading to learn how you can find fun things to do near you! We want to share our top hacks for finding mostly free and local events in your area.

Anyone looking for afternoon fun

These hacks will work no matter where you are. The best part? Here are just a few of the things that we were able to do all because we searched smarter rather than harder! Instead, here are some hacks so you and your family can find refreshing and fun things to do near you! We have Facebookyou have Facebook, Grandma has Facebook! Everyone has Facebook. So do local businesses, restaurants, and all types of events. Pro Tip: Check out any areas you may be traveling to soon! We don't use this one as frequently, but it still has a wealth of information!

Go to your town office or tourist center and take a look at their info. Most communities or towns will have a seasonal flyer, calendar, or something similar in the town hall or town website. Depending on where you live, this might vary, but think:.

If you have a local minor league sports team in your area, make sure to check out their tickets! They're usually a lot cheaper than the professional teams, and sometimes you can even find them for free. Some stadiums will let you bring your own food inside. Our solution to that is to have a cookout before or after the game! You can also plan ahead that way and fill up your weekends early. Eventbrite on the web or via the app is another wonderful and powerful use of technology that brings everyone together.

It is amazing because:. These are usually events that need head counts, so you have to make sure you reserve or purchase tickets via Eventbrite. So many of these events are specific and best found through this platform.

We challenge you to find a few events that might pique your interest and curiosity!

Anyone looking for afternoon fun

Locals now advertise experiences, tours, or classes they offer! Once you find them, you can look them up through another platform and check out what else they may offer. Check out the Geocaching app! We could have a whole post about it, so we encourage you to look it up and learn more about it. If you want to do something with your kids and are having issues coming up with ideas, don't forget about Groupon! Add your location to the search bar and it'll pull up the activities closest to you.

From there, you can narrow your options down even further by price, locations, distance, and even ratings. While you may not find free options on there, it's still a very handy way to find great deals on fun things to do with kids in your area that you might not have found otherwise! You'll be able to make some great family memories this way, which is always a plus. Pro Tip: Save up for fun things or work them into your budget and never worry about going over budget while having fun!

You can also check with the event center to see if you can bring your own food in. If not, see if you're able to leave and come back in. You can pack a picnic of sorts and leave it in your car to eat on and save some money! Offline, we would encourage you to also look at your local parks, zoos, or aquariums.

Anyone looking for afternoon fun

See if they have any additional events going on outside of normal park hours, special experiences, or events during normal hours. Often these will be at no additional cost, especially if they have an educational perspective to them. This is especially applicable in the summer, winter holidays, school breaks, and around back-to-school time. Specificity is your BFF! When you get really specific and have some idea of what you are looking for, Google will reward you!

It narrows search and refines it to specific activities. Alright, Freebs, happy activity hunting!

Anyone looking for afternoon fun

We would encourage you to try some of the easy activity and event-finding hacks we recommended above. Let us know how your searching goes in the comments. We can't wait to hear what all the fun things you've done with your family and friends! It's a super fun online video program created to help make managing your money and getting your finances in order actually fun! So what are you waiting for? Go start it so that you can reach your financial dreams NOW! Great list on finding fun things to do!

Facebook now has a local app as well to help you find things to do in your area. Most are free too!

Anyone looking for afternoon fun

Another great resource is your local Hulafrog. Then you find the one closest to you. It is run by local moms working from home!! Follow us. EntertainFamily TimeLifestyle. Comments: 4. Tisha www. February 5, at pm. Fun Cheap or Free. February 6, at am. Misty Griffis. February 20, at am. Budgeting TipsFocused In. Baby and KidsDIY. FoodRecipes. Favorite Food TipsFood. Family TimeLifestyle. Budget Boot Camp. Productivity Boot Camp. EntertainParty. LifestyleProductivityVideo. Focused In.

Anyone looking for afternoon fun

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