Is there any cute girls

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Well, this is as true as the sun in the sky.

Is there any cute girls

According to the local newspapers, The family had no clue about the pregnancy and the girl became pregnant at the age of just The family said that they did not know it and it came as a shock. Now the girl is under expert care and both her and child are healthy. The Is there any cute girls thing about being worried is that how can someone do this to and how come the family did not know it. According to Doctor Carol Cooper, This girl i-s the youngest mother she has ever heard of.

She also added that girls began puberty anytime between years of age and get pregnant. The Peruvian girl became a mom at just the age of 11 and the delivery was a success. The girl is not the youngest Mother in history as inA Peruvian children gave birth at the age of just six years.

She gave birth by the cesarean method. Another Peruvian child gave birth at the age of The doctor that time told that he has been four cases of girls below 11 years giving birth to the child in his 30 years of career. Family Man Season 2 Watch Online. Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1, 2. Sacred Games Season 3. CBSE 10th result CBSE 12th result Before that, The youngest mother of UK was at the age of 12 years. The name of the girl is Tressa Middleton and she was identified as the youngest mother of the United Kingdom. That girl was raped by her brother and eventually, his brother was jailed for that.

She gave up the baby to adoption services. She told the Mirror that she is hoping to find her daughter someday and meet her. She also that it will be heartbreaking for her to know that her uncle actually is her dad.

Is there any cute girls

This is really heartbreaking and we should condemn this. People should be careful about their children and keep tabs on what they are doing to avoid such accidents. In a country like UK, I thought all these days that these are common. But good to know that they also value and follow these things. Science fact hai ladki kabhi bhi yauvan rup dharan kr sakti hai ye koi bahut badi bat nhi hai science ka time hai kuchh bhi ho sakta hai Good news child and his mom we are both fine.

Are we animal. Also this is nothing new it happens far more often then people are willing to believe. Google it, you will see wiki has a whole of young mothers there ages and the fathers ages. Some were raped some were consensual and some were married off by there families and had no choice, just a legal form of rape pushed on them by there families. People are disgusting animals. What an irony in UK motherhood was forced on the child In India gandua run away from their wife eager to bear.

Such men in general should be hung. Her parents too should be charged by law. The child will not know that. Adoption services provide privacy. Also, abortion is not that possible after a particular time. So, how could the family know about it before that time? These are 2 different stories. The 11 year old was not raped by her brother the 12 year old was and that was in she gave birth, she is now an adult with another.

Ofcourse this Is there any cute girls not acceptable. Already the mother earth is over burdened with heavy population if like this happens think about the future population. Oh God what the hell is going on this earth. How come a brother do all that. This is very shameful But thank God that the girl and her baby is safe. Anyway, my sister Elizabeth had an abortion when she was 12…She used to steal my mothers car and go to these cheesy Hollywood nightclubs and go off with the men there.

Before yrs, Allah says in Quran that after 8 yrs girl can be pregnant and delivered a baby Allhahuakbar…. Is this what the teenagers are doing. It is a very serious crime done by her brother, He should be punished accordingly so that in future it should not happen again. Read a book or old papers… It has happened far more than you think.

Is there any cute girls

Google youngest mothers, There is a whole wiki about them with there ages. It is truly sad, but has been going on since the dawn of man. The saddest part is most of the time its an adult male that is the problem. Blame the media or music or the parents it does not matter the real problem is people.

These things will continue to happen unless we develop a strong value oriented social system.

Is there any cute girls

Scientific approach, tempered with strong values,prem is the way to a balanced social structure wherein we may not face such situations. That will never happen. Have you listened to music now days? Everything is sex because it sells. It is a disgusting society we live in when all people care about is self, sex, drugs and alcohol. I concur, but until there are no closed doors and people can talk freely and openly about sex this will keep happening.

I study that girl attains puberty at the age of Not all start at that age i know girls who were 9 I was The is a lie. It has been since the dawn of time, it happens when their body is ready not when the text books say they should be ready. The girl in peru was just 5 when she got pregnant and 6 when she had her. This happens FAR more often then people think. Also it is not just in recent years due to whatever changes you spoke of. Girls have always started puberty at young ages. History is full of this happening if you people picked up a book every once in a while.

Is there any cute girls

Yes the youngest mother was in but she was not the first young mother and will not be the last. For a long time and it still happens in countries today girls were married off to older men for money or some other form of dowery. Some of these are just parents not looking after there children as they should.

I mean an 11 year old, why were you not watching her long enough or well enough that she had enough time to have sex and get pregnant?

Is there any cute girls

Society and the parents are to blame. So until people stop being perverts and live more of a moral lifestyle without sex on TV all the time or in music and stop allowing there children to be confronted by this without having an actual discussion with them as the parents should, this will continue. People are the problem. They have failed there children and our future. I look forward to when the human population is diminished or eradicated completely. All people do is cause problems, start wars and hate on each other.

Humanity is a virus. Age 11?

Is there any cute girls

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