Its tough being single

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In the last post I wrote about single people thriving rather than just surviving. So I want to spend the next two posts talking about what makes it hard to be single. Let me start by acknowledging that marriage is hard, too. I'm not trying to persuade people that single people deserve more sympathy than anyone else. Not at all. I just think that being single is hard for different reasons, and I think it's worth delving into what those reasons are. Or, in the case of divorced individuals, a event that isn't true of them now.

When we call singles "unmarried," it implies an absence of marriage, which makes being single seem inferior to being married.

Its tough being single

What am I supposed to say? Are you asking me to tell you a deep hidden flaw that drives men away when they get to know me well enough? Are you asking me to retrace my steps in past relationships and find the mistake I made that thwarted a walk down the aisle? It seems that we treat marriages with a privacy that is not extended to single peoples' personal lives. For instance, everyone asking single people "Why aren't you married yet?

If we walked around challenging married people's choices, asking "Why did you marry that guy? Just like you can't make all married people able to you for their romantic choices, please don't make single people able to you for their past romantic choices either. Look around at restaurants, hotel rooms, perfume commercials, sports cars, formal invitations and, well, lots of other things, and you'll see that most things are deed for couples because we idolize romance. In the history of romantic comedies, I don't know of one that ends up with the hero or heroine winning the day because they got out of a relationship and went their own way.

And even though RomComs are convincing, if you look at the personal lives of the script writers and actors, you'll see that reality doesn't match up with our romantic fantasies. I purchased a house by myself. I own it. The mortgage rests squarely on my shoulders. If something goes wrong, I have to figure it out and pay for it. I have to decide how long to keep it, and when to sell it, etc.

Also, first dates. If you're reading this and you're single, you just groaned, right? If you were stranded on a desert island, what three books would you bring with you? What celebrity would you pick to play you in a movie? One guy even asked me if I liked toilet paper to go over the top of the roll or under it.

You have GOT to be kidding me. To be sure, singleness is a huge blessing. Just like with parents -- having children is a precious blessing, but that blessing comes with big sacrifices. A few months ago, I got back from a whirlwind of speaking engagements.

Its tough being single

After schlepping through hotels, rental car agencies, airports and three different time zones, I got back to my apartment and climbed into bed with my clothes on. These are, in my opinion, 5 of the top reasons it's hard to be single.

Its tough being single

Sarah Thebarge. Home Speaking Blog Books. This is evidenced by the of people who ask me, "Why aren't you married? Why am I single? I don't know.

Its tough being single

Because I am. And yet, these romantic ideals persist. My pastor called me and asked if I needed anything. I started crying. And stay tuned for the next post…. Uncategorized Sarah Thebarge January 6, celibacydatingdecisionsexhaustionfirst datesmarriagemarriedsinglesinglenessunmarried 40 Comments.

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Its tough being single

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