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Media Studies or or permission of the Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. Media Studies or or permission of the Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies. Media Studies Search Menu Home. An introduction to the critical analysis of print and text based media.

Topics include: ownership and control of media production, techniques to attract audiences, media reception by diverse audiences, intellectual property rights, and the construction of social issues in global and Canadian media. Students will survey media and communications research methods and theories, analyzing the power of language in media. Media Studies Introduction to Visual Media. An introduction to the critical analysis of visual media. Topics include: ideologies and issues of power in visual representation with an emphasis on race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, disability and age, from a social justice perspective.

Students will analyze new media, photography, advertising, film, video and TV news, as well as intermedia, multi-media and re-mediated visual texts, to investigate visual media in relation to society, culture and the arts. An introduction to improvisational sound creation through experimental methods, in which students will critically study the communicative and aesthetic aspects of sound, sensory perception and soundscapes, by creating acoustic, analog and digital sound art projects.

Media Studies Alternative New Media. An exploration of alternative media movements such as independent media, community media, social movement media, participatory media, media democracy, new media and on-line social media, culture jamming and graffiti. Students will investigate how each of these media movements attempts to challenge dominant public discourses on specific issues, and to use the media to transform society.

Sex dating in Lakehead

Media Studies Media Production. Media production and analysis are integrated, as students produce media using readily available technologies to create individual and collaborative media production projects. Students may work with community groups on media projects with social justice applications. Media Studies Media Criticism. An introduction to key critical approaches to analyzing and understanding media, including: discourse analysis, media framing analysis, media effects, political economy, representation and identity, cultural studies, feminist media criticism and critical race theory.

An introduction to qualitative research methods in media and communication studies, including: literature reviews, ethnographic interviews and participant observation, participatory action research, focus groups, archival research, content analysis, and critical discourse analysis. An investigation of anti-racist and aboriginal media initiatives across Canada, exploring a range of media production groups, including youth-created projects, committed to anti-racist and aboriginal media strategies from alternative representations to self-production, participatory media, community media and media action.

Sex dating in Lakehead

Media Studies Mass Media and Politics. Media Studies Computer Art I. Media Studies Media, Culture, and Society. Media Studies Video Production. An introduction to video production, including the basics of recording, editing, shots, sound, lighting, graphics and cinematography. Media Studies Sound Recording and Editing. A practical exploration of the principles and practices of recording, editing and mastering sound; keeping recording levels hot, while understanding the principles of frequency domain in order to produce different soundscapes for various media platforms and applications.

Media representations on a special topic or issue chosen by the instructor are analyzed. The topic will be explored through representations in media and culture, examining issues of power and social transformation. Media Studies Independent Studies in Media. A project based course of specialized readings and research or research-creation arranged to meet the needs of individual students. Media Studies Photographic Representation. A critical exploration of photographic production with respect to aesthetic developments and critical approaches. The emphasis is upon reading photographic texts in light of critical theories, social and political representations, and compositional aesthetics.

Sex dating in Lakehead

Media Studies Women, Technology and Cyberculture. Media Studies Queer Studies. Media Studies Media, Art and Activism. An analysis of art, film, music,living theatre, photography and new media that have been created by social movement activists to communicate social change. Students will consider how to engage positively as media artists within the community on local and global issues. Media Studies Sexuality in Media. Investigates a range of public discourses and sources on sexuality.

Media Studies Digital Technology and Society. Media Studies Globalizing Discourses of Dissent. Students will study the anti-globalization movement from the mids to the present, examining a range of discourses of dissent and their transnational media networks, theories and practices.

Sex dating in Lakehead

A critical study of representations of gender and sexuality in a range of global media sources from news to fictional TV shows, music, film, video and magazines, incorporating transnational approaches to sex and gender norms, stereotypes and oppositional movements.

Media Studies Web De. An intermediate hands-on course on the important elements of web de, considering aesthetics, technical skills, and programming with web de software on a range of operating systems.

Sex dating in Lakehead

Media Studies Intermedia Production. An intermediate hands-on course where students learn to integrate a range of digital and analog media on a single platform, using typography, colour separation, illustration, and interactivity. Communication and media de skills and theoretical approaches will be covered, including image creation and manipulation as well as digital and analog intermedia integration. An intermediate hands-on application of a range of practices in sound production for film and video, including on-location recording, folly recording, boom miking, as well as pre-production and post-production of sound and soundtracks.

Media Studies Advanced Video Production. Students will work in collaborative teams within the community using video production skills to produce short video projects with social justice themes. Media Studies Crime, Media, Culture. Media Studies Internship I. A twelve-week internship engaged in media-related work for five hours per week, under the supervision of a faculty member and an on-site supervisor. Students will be required to critically reflect on their internship in submitted asments.

Media Studies Internship II. Students will be required to critically reflect on their internship in submitted asments, building on their experience and reflections from Media Studies An examination of environmental justice and environmental sustainability movements and their representation in, as well as their strategic use of a range of media forms from alternative to mainstream, and from residual to new media.

An examination of theoretical and critical approaches to news and entertainment media and technology from a feminist media studies perspective. Media Studies Meta-Media.

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An examination of a range of sources of meta-media in what appears to be a never-ending spiral of self-referentiality. Media Studies Media Framing of Immigration. An investigation of ways in which immigrants, refugees, migrant workers and illegalized or non-status people are represented in mainstream and alternative media, exploring theories of capitalism and labour, as well as the relationships among neoliberal capitalist global labour migration and poverty, gender, queer subjectivities, race, disability and sex work.

Media Studies Global Indigenous Media. Students will explore the use of media in global indigenous cultures and resistance movements. In-depth instruction at an advanced level of a special topic or form of media or media arts creative production techniques.

Sex dating in Lakehead

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