Swingers life style story

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It's all here! Go to I want to share my new beginning into the swinging lifestyle here, the story is real and it took place just very recently. The veterans here might find my story very amateur but its still a first for me so I hope you will bear with me.

Certain details has been changed by me to protect a fellow bro here and his wifey as to protect their privacy.

Swingers life style story

Until today I am still getting the high of it so I just thought I wanted to share this experience here. I am an average Joe, 30 yrs old this year, holding a salary job. I have always the dark fantasy of having sex with another couple with wifey and proceeding to the next step to full swap, its abit of mixed fantasy plus jealously and it never fails to get me a hard on. Swinging has always been a fantasy that exist in the internet for me and whenever I watch shows and movies about these fantasies I have always tried to question the dark side of me whether I would dare to go for full swap if I ever get that chance.

Swingers life style story

I am not a cheapo looking for free fucks, there are plently of budget bonks in the dome but its just the Swinging lifestyle that just fascinates me. So as usual, I was browsing through all the thre on the couples section where 1 particular thread caught my eye. It was a couple looking for soft-swinging or singles guys but no criteria stated. I just though I try my luck by giving a little introduction of myself, however with my mighty weight of 90kg although I think most couple would have turned me down without meeting me anyways. So, the send button was hit and I went to take a bath due to the hot weather.

I remember it was a very humid Saturday night at 1AM. When I came back into my room however, I saw my MSN popup indicating a new has arrived, I just thought it was just another spam mail as it was already 1am into Sunday morning. Its abit lame but in my heart I was wondering, Is it a scam? A fat lady in her 50s, seemingly a typical PRC auntie came out from the hotel lobby and gave me a stare for like 5 sec and then return into the hotel. I was like siao liao, oh no…. Bro: Hi bro you here?

Me: Ok lor…. As I walk in, a decent Chinese guy around my age sitting in the lobby. Me: Hi bro, I am dave, thanks for inviting me. Bro: No problem, I am Don name changedhave a seat. My girl was actually tired… so shes resting in bed now Me: oh, so not the prc? So anyways, we are very new into this. Me: I am ok, actually I been a swinging fan and I have always been keen…just that you know, wifey travels often plus shes a very conservative person. Ok, just to share abit on my wife, she works for a giant MNC and needs travel most of the time, shes wasbrought up in a traditional family and very protected family.

So her sexuality is a tough nut to crack and get to really let go, we were childhood sweethearts and met in Poly and then Uni before tieing the knot recently. I have tried many times to at least to test her abit on soft swinging but always get the answer like I am crazy or I am suggesting something insane, I guess its just takes time. Shes more to the cutey pie type than really chio… not on an on par comparison but in her younger days, she do get quite abit of comments she looks like Ruby Lin… However our sex lifee is actually very routine, everything is more like going thru the motion, shes not a very high sex drive person but she do knows how to enjoy, but it do takes abit of warming up.

Ok back to the story… Don: My girl too is not convinced initially Me: Wa so how did you do it then?

Swingers life style story

Don: I have tried very hard so its soft swinging for now, but tonight you and another bro will just watch and then if shes warm up probably you can just touch but no kissing ok. Me: Of course, no problem, I believe in the swinging community respect is the code. Very soon another bro arrived and we were on our way up.

Swingers life style story

As the room door opened, it was dark and a long haired lady was lying in bed with the blankets on. Bro Don then hopped on to the bed and whisper something to her…The lady whispered back but I can feel we were actually interrupting her sleep. She got up to the bath room, when the toilet door opened and theres more light, my heart skipped a beat again. She was wearing a very hot halter neck beach dress and she was tall, about cm. I always have a fetish for tall girls as you know my wife is petite plus the hot beach dress compliment her figure very well.

Her side view and back view actually looks abit like Phyllis Quek, its abit slutty but yet demure at the same time. The mood was very tense. Me: yes bro, if we are disturbing feel free to let us know, we can…. Don: Its ok, just wait awhile just then, the toilet door opened and Mrs. Don walked out…. Opps just realised i posted in the wrong section please continue in the other section. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. The time now is PM. A Swinging Fantasy Real Story.

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Swingers life style story

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Swingers life style story

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Swingers life style story Swingers life style story

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